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I had a great conversation with lp and she made a suggestion which I thought was great! Below are the holistic meds that Nanook is taking along with the links to the other threads regarding his condition and history. I was telling lp that I have spent hours researching the internet and other dog/pet forums trying to find even 1 person who has been in a similar situation with their dog, but with no luck. The only thing that comes up are my own posts here on pets. Hopefully if someone else has a dog with similar symptoms, this will help them (and their vet as not many vets are very familiar with his condition either) to possibly understand what is going on and find a treatment. It's still too soon to tell if the holistic treatment will work, but one thing I do know is that something has at least given him more energy to play and be a crazy, happy boy for the last few days

He's currently taking San Ren Tang-3 teaspoons twice daily and Calcarea Carbonica-5 pills once a day for 3 days, then 4 once a day for 3 days then 3 once a day until the vet tells us differently.

Below are the links to posts starting with the oldest (that are related to his condition, symptoms & treatments). He is also still on a traditional western treatment for Idiopathic Eosinophilic Meningitis which includes, at this point, 20mg Prednisone (10mg 2x daily), 120mg daily Phenobarbital (60mg 2x daily) and Azathioprine 75mg once every other day. He also takes, daily, Vi-Sorbits, Aller G-3 Omega 3 capsule, Fortiflora and then 1/2 tsp Pancreas-V with every meal (3x daily).

We have managed to keep him with us for 6 months now with the current treatment. We're praying that the holistic treatment will allow for him to be eventually taken off the Prednisone, Phenobarbital and Azathioprine so his organs can heal and escape further damage

We still have no guarantees, of course, but whatever happens, at least we have gotten to love him (and laugh at him) for the time that we have.
He has energized Thorin, who now loves him being around as well! We never thought Thorin would actually "like" him. Our best hope was that he would "tolerate" him. So we are thankful for everything!

Anything new that happens I will put in this thread to keep it updated and not create any new ones.
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