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Nanook was a bit sluggish again yesterday. Just seemed very tired and maybe had a sick tummy. The night before he pooped something ugly again
It looked like a piece of a soft frisbee (the kind with the rigid plastic boning covered in fabric, he pooped about a quarter of one). I have NO idea where he would have gotten it. We don't have anything like that and the daycare he's at now doesn't use toys at all. The only thing I can think of is the old daycare, but he hasn't been there in almost a month now
I think we're going to have to do as our vet said a couple of weeks ago and put him on a low calorie food then increase the amount he gets so he feels fuller.

But this morning he is SO perky and happy! I was standing at the top of the stairs, hubby was at the bottom with him and he was just howling at me and trying to get over the baby gate. I came down and he just attacked me lol. He was howling, pawing at me, biting my feet and actually jumped on me (he's never done that before) lol. So I think today will be a good day. We're going to take him and Thorin out somewhere where they can just run and play for awhile
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