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Yeah it wasn't really a planned thing and it was sort of "take her or she's going back out into the cold".. and my computer was out for repairs at the time so I had alot going on at once and couldn't get on here.

She's awake now, but keeps falling back to sleep, but maybe she is just a sleepy baby?? She wasn't like how most kittens cry and cry and try to break out of their cages, she wasn't really like that except the first night.

Her fur wasn't greasy.. yesterday I gave her an oatmeal bath with dye-free natural shampoo and dried her off really good. I've been adding warm water to the food then heating it up to try and make it extra stinky.

The senior vet that is in tomorrow is only there for a limited amount of time and already has an exam booked from someone else and he's actually an equine vet but just helps the shelter out on the side... So the other vet just graduated recently and has his temp. license. I mean he's not bad or anything, but just hasn't had that much hands on experience.

Here she is when I had her at the shelter. I'll get better pics later lol. I actually ended up getting in a fight with the shelter over this.. because you guys know how I do fostering and everything.. well the new girl in charge didn't want to hear it. I brought kitty in and what I normally do is "surrender" the kitty(s) to the shelter under my name and put them out to foster under my name as well. So that way I can use all the services at the shelter for free like get the shots and fix and stuff and not have to pay out of pocket, and when kitty is ready for a new home I adopt him/her out under our contracts (to cover my own butt) and return the adoption fee to the shelter to reimburse them. Never had an issue with this! The new girl decides I "don't get special treatment just because I work there". So needless to say I got a bit upset
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