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Absolutely anything you can do to get this baby eating - do it. Top it with bit of parmesan cheese or teensy-tiny pinch of catnip, tiny bit of melted butter, warm the food, add warm water, add cooked meat, KMR or cat treats.

The smellyness could be whatever she was eating from before, could be her digestive system trying to cope w/changes, could be parasites. Anything odd on her skin / in her fur that you can see other than fleas/mites? Scratching/biting/hairloss? Is her fur greasy?

Is there not a senior vet in to oversee the student vet?

It's possible she is also reacting now against the vaccine/worming meds, they're an awful lot to handle for such tiny bodies. Hopefully this is all it is & she's raring to go tomorrow

oh and pics please
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