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Looking at the list here:

The food lowest in phos is Soulistic although that is in the upper end of protein but it is grain free which is a plus. Soulistic and Weruva are made by the same people. I'm not a fan of Science Diet but it looks like they make some varieties that are minced. The Wellness Healthy Indulgence pouches contain a chunky gravy mixture, the 4 lowest in phos are the ones with grains. Merrick (not the Before Grain) is a thick chunky consistency with somewhat of a gravy. Weruva is a great grain free, human grade, low calorie canned food but it is the highest in phos of all that I've listed. It looks like shreds/chunks of meat. Most are in gravy but some flavors are in aspic. I am still feeding it to my CRF kitty because I don't think it is toooooo high and he just loves it! The only reason I feed it over the Soulistic is that I can conveniently buy Weruva at my work and I get an employee discount. I think Weruva has a lot more flavors too.

The low phosphorus grain free foods that my kitty likes are EVO 95% chicken & turkey, Wellness turkey, Wellness beef & salmon, Wellness CORE original, Weruva Peking Ducken (almost any chicken based flavor), Best Friend Feline chicken and tuna in gravy, and Nature's Variety Instinct lamb.
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