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Originally Posted by tigerbee View Post
I made an appointment on 11/11 for Tiger's second blood profile since starting fluids one month ago.
If it's not included in this blood test already, ask them to test Tiger's T4 (thyroxine) thyroid hormone level. May be included already, may be an extra charge. HyperThyroidism is common in older cats 14 years & up.

Keep us updated on the results when they come in

Originally Posted by tigerbee View Post
Can that tell us anything about the speed of progression?? I feel bad that I didn't catch it until now but I'm glad that I took him to the vet shortly after I got him from my parents.
There are no set progression timelines , there are different stages to the diesease but no two animals are going to progress at the same rate even if they had identical values.

Many vets will take the wait & see approach & only treating when symptoms arise.

Originally Posted by tigerbee View Post
He has been very loud and vocal this week before and after fluids so I don't think it is related. He stays by the door if one of us isn't home yet and yowls at the door/paces around yowling at nothing... "Screaming" at me even after I've fed him, given him a treat and paid lots of attention to him. I can't figure out what he wants!! Could be just be acting old and confused? He turns 14 this month.
Sounds like quite the character

Could be natural aging, could be high Thyroid levels - was his T4 level checked on the blood tests?, could be he wants/expects something specific & you gotta figure out what it is .

How are his litterbox habits? Any straining/non-productive attempts/too frequent trips?
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