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I made an appointment on 11/11 for Tiger's second blood profile since starting fluids one month ago. I had his old vet fax over blood results from 2008. I noticed the BUN and Crea were at the top of the range then and the vet never mentioned that I should anticipate kidney issues in the future... I'm giving a copy to my new vet. Can that tell us anything about the speed of progression?? I feel bad that I didn't catch it until now but I'm glad that I took him to the vet shortly after I got him from my parents.

It's hard to tell if he has been feeling better because of the fluids or because he likes living here. My parent's got a 45lb. dog over 2 years ago and Tiger pretty much went into hiding for half a year, then only laid around in his "safe spots" and had to creep around and act stealthy or else the dog would chase him playfully. The younger kitty girl's antics are nothing compared to a crazy dog so I think he is much more comfortable here with me. He has been especially frisky the past two weeks. He is VERY into his toy bucket and digs out his favorite catnip toys at least twice a day that I witness. He has also been tackling Asha rather than letting her get him.

He has been very loud and vocal this week before and after fluids so I don't think it is related. He stays by the door if one of us isn't home yet and yowls at the door/paces around yowling at nothing... "Screaming" at me even after I've fed him, given him a treat and paid lots of attention to him. I can't figure out what he wants!! Could be just be acting old and confused? He turns 14 this month.
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