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weak hind legs

Hi, my 5yo boy Dicos has come down with weak back legs. Its been like this for 2-3 days now and it just seemed to come out of nowhere. He cant jump at all, walks slow with his hips and tail down. He cries in frustration. If you put too much pressure on his back legs he'll cry too.

Ive read all the posts and Im going to try giving him more wet food (he eats dry) and get him some liver Also gonna change out to a new litter brand. I bought a cheap variety this month b/c funds are low.

He has always had a bad habit of licking the shower curtain but never had this problem before. One of the cats, either him or his sister, had bad diarrhea a week or two ago but it cleared up and we never found out who had it. Anyway, just wanted to thank yall for all the good advice and Ill let you know how he does. Praying he is ok, he is such a good boy.
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