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Being paranoid- new foster kitty

So someone dropped a kitten off at my house the other day, it's a super long story that i'll having to explain tomorrow when I'm not half asleep

She's about 7-8 weeks old, no older than that. She looks really healthy and everything, but obviously from past events with my fosters like my one having you know, a 1 in billion heart defect... yeahh I'm a bit paranoid.

1. She's not eating now. The first full day I had her I tried to find her food at the shelter when I brought her to work with me, but we were all out.. so I gave her a can of A/D and she ate the entire can in a matter of 20 minutes which I totally wasn't expecting. Now she is slowly eating less and less. Wednesday is when she ate the full can, ate throughout the night and was doing great. Thursday- ehh was eating some more A/D until I got to the store to get kitten food, had some dry food and was fine. That night she started getting weird. Yesterday she didn't really want to eat at all no matter what I did. Today the only thing I could convince her to eat was some Tiki Cat which isn't even for kittens but the smelliest food I had on hand. Now she won't even touch it. I gave her some nutrical to hold her over.

2. She smells really bad... I gave her a bath earlier but she just doesn't smell like a "kitten".. she stinks and it's not like a gassy smell or something but she just is stinky. And her poo smells really bad compared to normal smelly poop.

3. She keeps going to the bathroom like a maniac.. both pooping and peeing. She was drinking a good (but normal) amount of water before as well but peed a puddle and is still peeing puddles. She's pooping alot too. It's not really diarrhea or any weird colors though.

The only thing medically I've done for her was on Wednesday I gave her the first FVRCP vaccine (by Schering-Plough), initial test for FIV/FeLV on the Idexx snap test (negative), gave her some pyrantel and put some Advantage Multi Kitten on her because she had really bad fleas and mites.

Am I overreacting? I was planning to bring her to work with me monday and have her looked at, but the vet that is in is basically a student and doesn't even have his license yet so I imagine his guess will be as good as mine? I think maybe have someone help me do a fecal test on her?
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