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I just wanted to check in with one question, ok two.

Blue was diagnosed with early CRF in August of this year. The vet put him on Sub_Q's and gave him some pain medicine at first, as she said he also had pancreatitis, and he may need the pain meds to eat. For the last two months he has been eating low phos healthy food, with the very occasional can of something tasty and bad that he will eat when he is super fussy. He also has 100ml of Sub-Q twice a week.

I am wondering if everything seems to be going ok (happy, not losing weight, not dehydrated, not throwing up, etc), how often should I take him in for blood work. 3 months? 4 months? 6 months? I obviously want to make sure he is well taken care off, but he hates going to the vet, and I hate paying the bills!

And secondly, I have been getting Sub-Q supplies from the vet, mostly cause I had a credit from when I took back the prescription food that Blur wouldn't eat. My Pharmacist said he could order it in what ever I need, and I am sure it would be cheaper than the vet, but I think buying on line is a good choice. Does anyone have a site they would recommend?

Oh, one final thing. Last month I finally joined the "been stabbed" club. Silly Sub-Q needles!!

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