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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
One thing he did say was that all the events we see that the specialist and our regular vet have stated are probably neurological events, are most likely not. Such as the swimming while he's laying on his side. He thinks that's just an invitation to play (Nanook did it while we were there). And the biting of our feet and ankles (he only does it once in awhile, but it's weird) he thinks is just him being playful as he may have a moment or 2 of "feeling good" despite all the problems. He said we've probably never seen the real Nanook due to all of the medications and health problems and that he hopes, with his help and the treatment he has planned, we will finally get to "meet" our puppy for the first time
My only words of advice here for when Nanook is feeling much better is, "watch out!!!" . Nothing like a playful adolescent pup in the house .

I wish you all nothing but the best outcome possible .

Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
I am really surprised that you got a reply from Dr Dodds...
She's very accessible, even when she's traveling for seminars or for out-of-country research projects. She explained that she reviews test results personally every evening and tries to get back to all her emails asap. My greatest impression is she's not just an incredible vet/researcher, she's a warm, caring person.
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