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Yes, it is between kr and cpietra. Cpietra, you know I will be there for you anytime you need me.

When we transported Naddy, she went to the bathroom almost immediately after starting on the trip, with a cat there is really no safe way to take them out, clean them up and put them back in a carrier. Snowball used to be the same way. It too over 7 hours to get from my place to 14+'s place which I believe is close to kr's place, add three hours onto that and it is a long time to be in a carrier full of urine and/or diarrhea (even the 7 hours is).

I can take the kitty to Aslan's if need be (if she permits it). Can KR not meet you in Hamilton? or between Hamilton and Niagara? How long between Aslan's and your place Winston?

If it was the only way, then that's the way it got to be, otherwise, I think we should make it as easy on Heidi as we can.

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