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Red face Hello everyone

We are people who belong to one dog and 3 cats. Our dog Duke a German Sheppard is 10, our oldest cat Tom is a Himalayan 19, second oldest is Jerry black & white short hair is 18 and Min is long hair grey tabby the youngest just turned 12.

We just moved from Northern British Columbia about year ago to the Eastern Townships in Quebec. With of course ALL our little people as well as our daughter's Dalmatian . We drove across the country as we were not sure how everyone would make out on an airplane and didn't want to take a chance with the " geriatric club" as we call the cats. This proved to be quite the experience. I am sure we could write a book about the trip that would keep most people laughing for week. But nevertheless all arrived fine including the owners.

This is my first time posting on a board and hope I am doing everthing ok. I want to ask for some advice on my youngest cat....Min has been wheezing and sounds like a baby with a chest cold, but no runny eyes or fever.....we have gone to the local vet and had xrays and blood test to rule out a number of things and are just finishing 2 weeks of antibotics ( 3 days left), and I am starting to panic. He doesn't seem much better, and is not eating much. The vet said his lungs and vital organs looked fine in the xray but his stomach seemed much larger than usual (gassy) so the next morning we ran a blood test and everything showed he said it must an infection. The air here is much dryer than we are used to so I wonder if that could have any thing to do with it???? We moved into a new house in November as well. The other boys are fine. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If I am in the wrong spot please excuse me as I am a newbie!!!!

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