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Originally Posted by tigerbee View Post
It is total 600cc's per week. 300cc's at once. It seems like a lot to me when we're doing it. I hadn't thought of splitting it into 2x a day. He wiggles far to much for me to do it alone so I have to get my boyfriend's help. I think doing it every other day may work better for us since we're both only free at night. I will talk to my vet about doing it differently and see what she thinks.
Yeah that's a lot for one session. If you can manage it alone splitting the 300cc into 2 sessions each fluid day is not a problem, likely more comfortable for all since you're not confining him for as long.

Usually if someone is doing for example 150cc 2x a week & their cat gets antsy around the last 50cc or so I would say no problem to go 100cc 3x a week (overall same volume/week), but because of the higher volume of fluid Tiger is getting I think it's best to talk with your vet first before changing the volume/number of days.

Have you seen this site? Great step by step instructions & tips for fluid administrations.

Originally Posted by tigerbee View Post
He doesn't seem to be moody ever. He is always very alert and loving. He is always up to greet me when I wake up or get home. The only change is that now that he is older he seems uncomfortable with being picked up and really hates being brushed (although he never loved it..).
Sounds like a sweetie
The last year & a half my CRF senior girl wasn't too thrill with being picked up often either, the joints get achy, tummy gets a bit touchy......

Originally Posted by tigerbee View Post
I got my supplies online. The vet's prices were about 4x more! The needles are Monoject 18g. I have a box of 100 but when I am out I'm interested in trying the ones you are recommending.
Quite the price difference eh? yikes. The Terumo 20g will slide in under the skin alot easier/smoother & less noticably than the Monoject 18g

Originally Posted by tigerbee View Post
I do warm the fluid bag beforehand. Tiger doesn't notice the needle if I set him up with a small dish of 100% freeze dried chicken breast treats. There is another question! Should I try to cut back on treats? I certainly don't dish them out like crazy but he may get 1 a day, and a little more on his fluid days. I know cutting down on the phosphorous is important, can treats make a huge impact? Everything I have read has made me think that fluid therapy can help more than changing the diet.
Great especially with winter coming you don't want Tiger getting chilled from the inside.

I wouldn't worry about the freeze dried chicken breast treats, especially since they are great for distracting him while he gets poked Pure chicken breast is not very high in phosphorus and the size of the treats certainly isn't going to make a huge impact.

Diet definately is important as it's an easy way to reduce the amount of phos the cat is ingesting. Changing the diet alone won't remove existing excess BUN/Urea & Cre from the body, just altering how much of them are being produced from the phos in the diet.

Fluid therapy is a fast & effective way of helping flush out the excess toxins BUN/Urea & Cre the body can't handle on it's own as well as helping to balance the electrolytes & re-hydrate the cat. So really both methods are equally important working in different ways.

If diet change and fluid therapy don't reduce the blood phosphorous numbers enough, phosphorous binders are an option to discuss with the vet.
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