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No -- is Dr. Dodds the one in California?

I also told my vet I would drive her to the Saskatchewan Vet Hospital if there was a test that would be better at determining the problem.

Yes, it has been stressful. I've always had a multitude of pets growing up but these are the first two where I am their Mom so haven't had to make those tough decisions you face when they get sick. I always knew it would be difficult but I never imagined it would be this complicated. For whatever reason it's really hit me hard. Just seemed like my whole life and routine has changed and I wasn't expecting it to happen so fast.

I guess when their lives are so short an illness can come on quickly. And although that's what happened, I also look back and wonder if there was anything else I could have done to anticipate it sooner. She's always been slower than my other dog (who is two years older) because of arthritis and had been lagging behind on walks. Sometimes I would worry but other times I would just think she's probably just stiff today. I feel I am fairly observant and in tune with any subtle change when it's come to their health so it really bothers me that this is happening.

I do know it's not my fault and that there are many factors that could be playing into her illness. I also know they are getting to that age where they will start having potential problems, but I think I really thought that I could somehow avoid or at least lessen the chance of them getting some terrible disease by keeping them as healthy as possible.
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