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November 2010 photo challenge - Pet baby pics OR 1st day home

Hi members,

can't believe it's November already....but it is.

Anyone have any suggestions for this month?

Given that last month was an AMAZING theme, but a little bit sad, I have a suggestion to make us smile (hopefully..some of us including myself are rather mushy lately)... pet baby pictures. So if your pets are babies (let's say under 6 months) just shoot and post. If your pets are older...just post some of their baby shots.

anyway that's just 1 suggestion, so feel free to support that suggestion OR freely suggest anything else, no problem at all.

I'll check back later today or early tomorrow and the theme with the most support becomes this month's theme.

Thx everyone!

I love that idea, baby pics........

love the idea!

me too,but i don't have many,also a lot of our members adopted or fostered older dogs/cats...but it is a cute idea

maybe those without babies...we could do a before and after!

Since so many of you have adopted older shelter pets, how bout "First Day Home"

ooohh i love the first day home theme! that way both baby pets as well as those that were adopted as adults can be included of course i have kitties that came home as adults so i may be a bit biased...

I'm game. I may have a few pics around.

I think it's a great idea. I couldn't even go into last month's thread as I still get sad over the loss of my last two 6 yr ago so knew it would be too hard for me to post.

I agree with adjusting for those that adopted older dogs/cats maybe just call the Nov challenge "From Then Until Now."

ADDED BY ADMIN -Ok members - since the posting started, let's just combine the two themes to allow for a wide variety of pics. Thx - Marko
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