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Originally Posted by Kitty Pryde View Post
Maybe someone here could help me out. My cat Logan is a six month old male domestic shorthair. He's always been very friendly towards me and sleeps in my room, although he does sometimes play a little roughly. I got him neutered during the week but he has recovered fine since then. He loves climbing around my room but I don't allow him on my locker and tonight when he tried climbing up I picked him up and put him on the floor again, then as I went to get ready for bed he suddenly attacked my feet and then jumped up on the bed and attacked my arms. When I pushed him away he kept coming back so I picked him up and put him in the sitting room and he started hissing at me. I let him out again about an hour later and he seemed to have calmed down and was purring and rubbing off my legs again but then when I picked him up to give him a cuddle he started making a weird noise kind of like a low hiss but his mouth was closed and he tensed up so I have had to lock him in a different room in case he attacks me again. Can anyone tell me why he might be behaving like this? Or how I might stop it?

Does he have a large enough stuffie toy that he can grab with his front paws and do a "bunny kick" with his back paws to burn some energy? Are you 100% consistent with your playing methods with him, as in NO rough play, period? Your cat is a baby still and will be until 18 months, he needs stimulation and to burn some energy, however he needs to know the rules of play. Like catlover stated, if he was taken away from his litter mates too soon, then he didn't get proper socialization skills.

If you don't have some stuffies, I would gets some from the pet store. When he gets active, redirect his attention to the stuffie and let him play wild with that. Putting a bit of catnip on the stuffie makes it real enticing for a kitty. As catlover stated, no punishment, that serves no purpose. What you can do, is a firm NO when your cat attacks your arm and redirect play to a stuffie. Your kitty will learn what is acceptable and what isn't.

Of course, another fix is a second kitty the same age
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