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I think you waited too long to have him neutered; he should have been done at 4 mos. I think his testosterone had started to kick in, making him feel more aggressive. With whole dominant males this type of behavior of attacking owner, particularly if they feel thwarted in wanting to do something, is not all that uncommon. It will take another month before the testosterone is out of his system. So I would be very careful not to antagonize him, let him come to you on his terms, and don't pick him up for a while. You could also ask your vet for some medication for a month that will calm him down and take the edge off him. Any punishment will not work. You say he sometimes "plays a little roughly". I'm wondering if he was taken away from his littermates too soon? Kittens learn to play nicely and inhibit their bites by rough wrestling and play fighting with their littermates from ages 6-11 wks. If they miss out on that period that would account for his rough play. Also it could be genetics, perhaps he is dominant by nature. Sometimes, color has something to do with tabbies can often be more dominant, feisty. Does any of that fit? Hope you'll give us an update.
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