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I did not want to post in this thread earlier as with a 16 yr old dog you just never know what tomorrow holds. Luckily she is still here today so I thought I would honor two of the dogs that got me over my intense fear of dogs and actually made bringing Ginger into our lives possible.

The husky is Tanya (Tantan). It was Pat's family dog when we first met and boy was she jealous of me LOL She used to jump on my shoulders when we were kissing goodnight and I would freeze. I slowly started brushing her and we would take her for walks after dinner and before you knew it we were in love with each other. Seems impossible that I could ever have been afraid of her. She died about 15 yrs ago of generalized cancer at only ten years old. We often comment on how Ginger has some of her personality. Still miss her to this day

The bichon was my sister's dog Keeper. Could never have been afraid of him...he loved me too much from the get go (pig's ears helped too ) He was THE sweetest dog...loved a party and being around the family. He went to the Bridge 2 1/2 yrs ago (on Ginger's bday) at 16 yrs old and we all still miss him like crazy.

This has been such a beautiful thread and has brought many tears to my eyes hearing everyone describe their beautiful furkids.

I do believe there is a Bridge and I know they are all looking down on their families smiling and knowing that everyone will be together again some day
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Ginger and Hobo at the Bridge (Valentine's Day 2011) but NEVER forgotten <3...

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