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Unhappy SOS Dog Rescue

Update on my attempted adoption.

We waited and waited and finally received notification that Sunshine was to be transported on October 17th. While we adoped her at 10 weeks, she is now 4 1/2 mths old. We were so excited and got our home ready for our new family member.

I then received a call the day of transport that she was sick and unable to be transported. Apparently a new employee at the pound had stuck a litter of new pups with her and they all became sick. I e-mailed the pound to find out Sunshine's prognosis and received no response. I was then told that the pound manager doesn't speak English and would not respond.

One of those pups has since died of Parvo. I offered to have Sunshine treated by a vet at our expense but it was refused. After going back and forth with no updates unless I requested them, SOS Dog Rescue has arbitrarily decided to send me back my deposit. I am waiting to hear from a volunteer that I spoke with twice to explain this decision.

I cannot tell you how stressful this attempted adoption has been. My daughter is heartbroken as are we all.

If anyoone is thinking about adopting from this organization, be prepared. They are not located in Brampton, Ontario. Brampton is only the drop off place. The pound is in northern Quebec north of Chicoutimee.
Once you adopt, you may have to wait as long as 2 months, if you live in Ontario as they only transport every 6-8 weeks. I would have driven there myself had the trip not been 12 hours straight driving there and then 12 hours back.

I offered to have her flown here, but that was also shot down. Everything I offered to do for Sunshine was declined.

I will post the final verdict once I know what is going on.
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