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Originally Posted by SuperWanda View Post
I am just glad to start reducing the meds because I want her to feel a little better. I struggle with everything that is going on -- I do want her to get well but at the same time it is difficult to drug her up and see her without much happiness if we are possibly nearing the end of her life. But, I also want to be optimistic and hope for a happy outcome (even though she is 10) although I don't want to be naive either -- I know many pets that have not made it to their 10th birthday.
Optimism is always good, and quality of life should always take precedence over quantity of life in my opinion. It is a tough thing to think about, but you show you are a responsible and sensible pet owner by thinking about it. I have been thinking about Timber everyday, and hoping that you can find some answers. It is tough when your buddy is sick.
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