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Hmmm..a few more questions

Excellent. There's a bit more to it, of course. 24 is what Takii

They need 36-48 hours presoak. Also..You must notch them yourself..whatever they do is horribly inadequate. Also..phase 2 of the experiment is underway..I got two out of one by accident..this time it is no accident. Phase two two sets-four have three notches and four have four notches.

It should be interesting.

Question: Do all canna produce seedpods just like my Daylilies did when I didn't deadhead?

I have to place my preorders tomorrow to get the 15% discount from ball/ I'm working on that now.

20,000 seed so can never have enough seed. Must..have..more!

>>Oh..I can't wait to see what the fusables are like as well. Again..commerical seed. I don't think they put these in small packets.

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