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We're the same here, Hazel, having 3 separate areas to run dogs in. For us it may have been females in one if one was in season, sheltie boys in another, and the cattle dogs in the third one. And we have a little area where you walk from the yard at the back to the side yard where there are actually 3 gates and a fence (one gate into each dog area, the other into what was my vegie gardens) forming a little holding pen. So many times it has stopped shelties from bolting out with the cattle dogs. Visitors may think it looks strange but it is invaluable to us.
I did laugh at the idea of you dying of strangulation by a camera strap. Aren't digital cameras just the best thing since sliced bread. (Or isn't yours digital?) I cart mine everywhere too.
Harking back to trees, what we find here is that once a gum drops a branch, it just goes on doing it. Very dangerous.
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