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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Wow Hazel thats a mighty big tree! so do you have a fenced area and then have that fenced in? Oh my I am confused? is that just bush around you? I would live that!!!!!
There's a large area fenced in by the chain-link, and then a less elaborate 'temporary' fence that runs from one section of the chain-link to the house--that 'temp' fence splits the big yard from the basement yard. It's just so convenient to have multiple yards to separate dogs in or for use at night when you want them confined to the lit area. I can't even remember why we put that little 'temporary' fence up for in the first place! But we found it so convenient that it became permanent. We still call it our 'temporary' fence, though!

Originally Posted by klmccallum View Post
That sucks Hazel. How old was the Hemlock? Looks pretty big and would probably take years & years to replace with another fir tree at that size.

I think Hemlock is pretty slow-growing. This one was only 50 feet tall, so probably not full-grown and likely was about 40 yrs old, but that's just a guess. The other is about 80 feet tall and older--it's beginning to succumb to old age, so it'll be coming down this winter, too.

Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
That would be called a 'widow maker' here in Australia, Hazel,although here it's the huge gum tree branches that fall and kill people.

Our widow-makers here are the oaks! They're dropping branches all the time. The hemlocks don't start being widow-makers till they start getting old. This one is old enough to make us really, really uncomfortable. So it has to come down...sigh.

Condolences on losing such a lovely tree but wow, what timing, being able to catch it on film. Lovely area you live in.
Aw, thanks, GF! But as for catching it on film...LOL Haven't you noticed? hazel lives with her camera around her neck! Some people die with their boots on, hazel will likely die of strangulation from her camera strap! Dang, you should see the number of images she's recorded since she got the camera Takes forever to sort through them all

Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
Warbler Tree

Trees coming down sadden me too .

Lucky that your friends were able to make it there in time before any damage was done to the fence though. Wanna borrow Penny to make wood chips of it all in no time ?
She's a good chipper? Send her on down!

I think we've decided to cut the stump off at knee-height, plop a plank on it and use it as a seat! Probably do that with the other hemlock, too, when it comes down. Then in a pinch they can do double-duty--I can spread sunflower seed on them for the birds.
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