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What a difference in our climates, Hazel. Here it's hot in Summer, can get up to 116F like on Black Saturday when we had disastrous bushfires, but generally would be around 85 F I guess to maybe 105 F. And 23F would be the worst we'd get in Winter. Our average rainfall is only 16 inches but this year we are over that already, with decent rain forecast again for tomorrow and the weekend. We'd have a foot of soil over red clay, so that has its problems, like if you dig a hole for a tree and get lots of rain, that just pools in the hole in the clay and drowns the tree. I've given up on trying to get fruit trees going and will put in natives for shade. If there is any flower I think won't grow here naturally, that's where pot city comes in. Not saying I'd want to go on growing difficult things but it's nice to even have them to admire for a season.
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