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Well 4lbs for a 4 month kitten isn't to low apparently from what im reading. Its definitely not a food thing as we have fed him everything from dry/wet/kitten milk/liquid type pooch food. He just nibbles and leaves, then might come back and nibble again in a few hrs and repeat! It just seems like he is eating and drinking enough to stay alive, but not to grow if you know what i mean.

Heres the funny thing. He was sneezing all the time since we took him in, and the vet said its normal for kittens to sneeze since their immune systems are learning and growing and adapting. The moment he changed on saturday and stopped eating and stuff, he hasn't sneezed at all.

I have looked at his mouth, but i just see some reddish gums as im not a Vet, but 2 Vets just told me he had some inflammed gums.
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