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Hey guys, i don't have any houseplants. I already buy wellness at a speciality store here, but the variety sucks and they don't carry nearly the full Wellness line of food. I believe its Buprenorphine and we squirt it under his tongue or try.

The wife came home with some whiskies kitten milk and he laped it up a couple times and then walked away and also some kitten food in a pouch for teething kittens and he had about 3 bites of that and walked off. He gets his second dose of the painkiller in about a half hour.

When he does eat, he chews weird and off to the side of his mouth like he won't chew straight with all of his teeth, and sometimes the food falls back out and he has to pick it back up.

Oh and about his poop, im not sure since my wife told me, it was more balled up crap than normal logs, so maybe some liquid poop since it clumped up?
The real problem for me is that he is getting skinny. He was probably closer to 4.5 maybe 5 lbs and now he is 3.75 pounds. How much weight is to much to lose before i have to take him back? I rather keep him at home if i can and not stress him out anymore.
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