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Smokey is continuing to get better. His appetite and demeanor are good. I think his remaining odd behaviour is due to him being annoyed at being taken to the vet for a few days and then having his fluids the next day (he get skittish if he sees people congregating in a conspiratorial way, i.e, "what are they up to now?"). I've been giving smaller meals more frequently to help ease his stomach and elevated his food and water bowls. I also heard about an herbal supplement called Slippery Elm Bark which is supposed to help with stomach acid, nausea, and so on, has anyone tried it?

Up to this point he's been receiving 150 ml of fluids twice a week. He had his last dose of IV fluids on Monday, and we gave him his Subq dose yesterday. The water pouch is gone. I'm trying to decide if we should give him another subq dose today, and just go with every day until Saturday, or give him a break. The vet said that we could give him his first dose right away the next day after he comes home, and then switch to every other day after that. But if receiving the fluids every day would be more beneficial, I have no problem doing it. My only concern is that it will upset him if we do it every day. He is more compliant than before, and we are better at controlling him during it, but he doesn't really "like it" per se. On the other hand, it's possible that he was more annoyed at us last night after fluids because he was still upset about having to be at the vet for a few days. Hmm. I wonder if I could even give him a break today, and then resume giving them every day until Saturday. I also wonder if it's better to be consistent in the timing of it, as in, not switch between every other day/every day, and just stick to one.
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