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Thank you hazelrunpack, Dr. Lee and Myka for your thoughts and advice,

She has been on the prednisone since Oct 1 and the Imuran for a second week now (but I give the Imuran every other day now). I think my regular vet is concerned so she is the one that is trying to get more information.

She's also the one who gave us the prescription for the antibiotic and zantac so this morning her stool was more formed with no mucous or blood that I could see so that is good.

Not sure what is going on but it worries me have her on these immune suppressing drugs if it is something else.

As far as the numbers for the anemia, her last RBC was 4.82 so would that be considered dramatic anemia or only slight?

I will ask more questions but it seems to me that a diagnosis of ITP is basically a guess as other things are ruled out. We had x-rays and ultrasounds and blood work for tick pathogens but not a bone marrow test -- although when this all began her white cell count was not at all elevated. Perhaps the Imuran is stimulating that or a possible infection? Who knows but I hope my vet finds some more information soon!

Thanks again for your support and I'll keep you posted on what happens.
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