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Originally Posted by SuperWanda View Post
I'm worried about a bone marrow cancer but this is all speculation from what I have been reading online.
With the high doses of pred and not seeing a positive response, I would agree that this would be a concern. A bone marrow sample might help further evaluate this. In general immune mediated diseases (such as IMHA and ITP (when combined they are often called Evan's Syndrome)), respond fairly well to aggressive immunosuppresives.

I am glad that so far she is not getting worse.

A note on IMHA. When you have an immune mediated destruction of platelets (ITP), and there is also a dramatic anemia, then IMHA is also assumed unless another clear cause of anemia can be determined (such as a dramatic blood loss from the ITP, such as a GI bleed). However ITP and IMHA are diseases that involve destruction of platelets and RBC. If they are not being made from a bone marrow disease, then ITP and IMHA are not accurate terms.

I hope that this helps. I wish I could help more.
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