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He is drinking a whole bunch of water so he isn't dehydrated. We are seperating the cats tonight to see whether it is his dental pain and we will know if he poops and eats by tommorow afternoon. He will have a bowl of food, his painkiller shot and his own litter. The vet said if the food is still there by tommorow afternoon, its not the dental pain. Basically a barium study is gonna run at least 300 to see where/if theres a block, but exploratory surgery is 400. Im leaning straight towards the surgery for the simple fact that you will see a blockage hopefully and correct it at the same time.

I didn't see the xrays, i just have a copy of his bloodwork, but the vet said she didn't see anything wrong from xray, however it wasn't the more expensive abdominal xray so im not sure the difference except maybe the abdominal is more magnified?
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