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Originally Posted by mike2000z28 View Post
Basically, im thinking its a tiny partial blockage that won't show up on an xray or even a barium study. Im almost at the point to say exploratory surgery on the small intestine to visual see it. He has lost around 1lb, and 1/4 pound from yesterday. He was probably closer to around 5lbs before this and gaining at a healthy pace. Now he is 3.75 pounds. Either way if it doesn't eat even though i took care of the dental pain, i know it must be a tiny blockage.

Remember the blood tests show he isn't fighting anything and everything is completly inline with a healthy kitten.
If he is not eating, then he will need fluids daily otherwise he will become dehydrated. Kittens go downhill very quickly. You can also try force feeding your kitten. I find Wellness, grain free is the best for watering down. You can get large syringes from your vet or at your pharmacy.

Did you look at the x-rays with your vet? I have looked at mine when there were issues and were always able to see feces. A partial blockage will produce pencil thin stools a full blockage of course will not produce any stools.
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