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Originally Posted by mike2000z28 View Post
Yeah he will use the litterbox and pee. Its hard to tell if he is pooping since both cats use the same box. I don't think its a food issue for the simple fact he was eating wetfood for quite awhile before this happend all the sudden. Hes curled up sleeping in the cat carrier and has been like that after he came home from the vet. Is this a wait and see approach until more symptoms show themselves or can i clear up by itself?
Sorry, I didn't realize that you had another cat. Can you separate them for a while. I think the "output" may tell you something such as some mucous, blood, runny or rock hard or pencil thin. I stand corrected BG is NOW nutritionally complete for cats. I must have been looking at an old can last week when I was looking for new cat foods. Can you check yours to make sure?

Bloodwork would normally tell the vet whether there is an infection that the cat is fighting and how the organs are functioning, won't tell the vet WHAT virus or bacteria, just that the immune system is fighting something.
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