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Originally Posted by mike2000z28 View Post
See you can't find kitten wellness here (Montreal, Canada). I used to live in Philadelphia and in the US you can get pretty much anything and everything and Petsmart carries all the decent brands. I don't have any chain stores like that here, so when i go back home i bring a decent amount of catfood back. Theres a few places that sell wellness, but just the regular one that i buy for my older cat.
As SCM stated, any Wellness, grainfree will do, I have found the that Kitten brand seemed to be preferred by the more finicky kitties.

She gave him a general xray and not an abdominal one. She told me the only real way is through the barium dye test, but im hesistant since its big money.

I was feeding him Before Grain wetfood, with some kitten kibble and he ate it like a horse and before that it was holistic by eaglepack he was eating.
BG is NOT nutritionally complete for a cat and cat's have a very exact nutritional requirements

The troubling thing is i have read up so much, and i don't want to overly worry because he exhibits symptoms like more lethargic and loss of appetite, but it stops there and internally they couldn't find anything without digging deeper. He does have bad gas though and it only comes out when he uses the litter, thats new and happend as soon as he got his loss of appetite.
A kitten should not stop eating, if they do, then you have to take it serious. Is he pooping? Peeing?. The bad gas sounds like a food issue. Jasper gets that if he eats ANY grains, or if he eats more than a few treats of kibble. He actually does best on a raw diet.
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