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4 month old kitten! 2 vets and no answers!

Basically a few months ago i got a kitten. He had his shots and this past week he had his booster shot on Wednesday, the saturday later he threw(no big deal), but then he stopped eating pretty much, but was still energetic. Sunday comes along and he is eating a tiny bit and still drinking and using the litter. This cat was eating like a horse for 2 straight months, and then bam out of blue, not eating all that much.

So after not eating really all that much on saturday night and throughout sunday, i bring him to the vet. She examines him and can't find anything wrong and he is playing in the office, jumping from the counter to the chair, etc. She gives me an appetite stimulant for him after they gave him a feeding with a syringe in his back. He comes home and eats a little, and then starts pawing at his face(his gums are a bit inflamed due to teething). Anyway he still lethargic compared to what he was, so i bring him to another vet and that was this morning. They ran a general xray, and a full blood test workup. Xray they couldn't see anything, and the bloodtest was completely within the norm. She gave me some painkiller medication with a syringe to dull his dental pain. He comes home and immediately starts to eat, and then like 2 mins later i think he threw up all the food, but i think because maybe he ate fast. Im at a loss right now as to what to do.

She told me the next step is to keep him overnight and inject barium into him and see if there are any blockages. Obviously thats big money as i just spent 400 bucks in the past 2 days in vet bills trying to figure out whats wrong. I hope its just the teething pain, but i think if he had any type of blockage, he would keep throwing up and he isn't. Also his blood tests came back perfect, so no signs of infection or higher enzymes from his organs.

Anyone else have any ideas? Does dental pain really make them depressed and loss of appetite?
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