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Originally Posted by VERB View Post
I would like to start off thanking all those who gave me actual suggestions and not comments about shelters, etc.

Not everybody is aware of your experience and since you mentioned that you were going to take your cat to a shelter, the poster wanted to make sure you understood the definition of a "no kill' shelter.
I am a seasoned pet owner and even worked for a vet at one time, so my thought to take him to a shelter was not one that I was taking lightly as some may think. That's not how I operate.

Since you love your kitty like your own child, I think the poster just wanted to make sure you understood that no kill does not mean literally no kill in 99.9% of shelters. She would not have thought that you would have known that already
You will not find one person on this board that would love to make your difficulties with your kitty disappear, it certainly would make your kitty's life much easier as I am sure he feels your frustration.

Since you mentioned this does not happen 100% of the time, besides the obvious of stress causing intermittent issues, it could be an unaltered cat that is within his "smelling area". Cats can smell through walls and windows. Do you know your neighbours, above and below your apartment? Do they have cats?

The log is an excellent idea, it may give you a better idea of a correlation. Does his peeing correlate to any travel that you do?

My Jasper has separation anxiety and gets very stressed when he is not on his schedule, he is also very,very needy and also sprays periodically (that corresponds to a unaltered feral that will be around and we don't get him outside soon enough for him to spray outside). He will also get very stressed if there is any frustration in the house.

Another thing, are you 100% sure it is only one cat? It couldn't be your others peeing in a place that had been peed previously. They do like to cover other kitty's scent with their own.
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