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Originally Posted by VERB View Post
I would like to start off thanking all those who gave me actual suggestions and not comments about shelters, etc. I am a seasoned pet owner and even worked for a vet at one time, so my thought to take him to a shelter was not one that I was taking lightly as some may think. That's not how I operate.
Hi again VERB. We can all appreciate your frustrations. As for commenting about kill shelters, one would think that information is empowering people who may not know exactly what this word means. As you mentioned that a shelter may be your only recourse in the end, there are those that wish to let you know more about this alternative since you mentioned it. We only want to empower you with the truths, nothing more than that.

We all wish you well as there is no doubt you and your kitty are having difficulty. EVERYONE here wants nothing but the best for your cat...and you of course.

Our prayers are with you and that you get positive results. Best to you.
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