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Have been on the Imuran now for 7 days and just got the blood results back. Unfortunately it wasn't great news. Her platelets were down to 66, red cells down a little more (4.82) and white blood cells now up from 6 to 17.2.

My regular vet is trying to contact our only internal medicine vet in the city who is on holidays so is trying another vet to see what he thinks.

All I know is when the white cell count is going up that has me concerned. And why is it just starting to go up now?

She had a little fresh blood in her stool today so I just picked up some antibiotics and zantac. My regular vet is concerned about the high level of prednisone if it is not an immune mediated problem.

I'm worried about a bone marrow cancer but this is all speculation from what I have been reading online.

Otherwise -- she still doesn't seem to be any worse -- still lethargic but eating well and drinking excessively due to the prednisone more than anything. I guess we'll just take this one day at a time.

Thanks for asking about her! I was really feeling positive about today so the results have left me feeling anxious again. Remind myself to just take it one day at a time.
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