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I'm slightly annoyed that just because someone buys the best quality food they can for their pet is considered perhaps close minded or so rich price doesn't matter.

I'm far from rich. I buy my gang Precise at about $2.25 a can. That's a lot when you have to feed 5 cats twice a day. Add to that the fact Oksana was constantly getting cystitis, so I broke down and bought a food that is strictly for urinary issues. Yes, I could buy food that is less expensive, and I have found several that are good quality and a few pennies less, but I would rather they eat well and be healthy. So I cut back on some of my entertainment. I bargain shop for my own food and necessities.

When I can't afford their Precise one week, I get them something less expensive until I can afford their usual.

Many people sacrifice so they can give their pets the best they can. That's not to say if you give your pet a cheaper food you aren't a good pet owner. Nobody knows the other person's situation so one should not assume anything.
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