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Originally Posted by Myka View Post
driver8, I find these forums very closed-minded often. Like we are all rich people able to give our pets the best.
What???? We are not all rich and far from it. A quality canned only costs about $2.5 a day, 17 bucks a week or $68 per month, some people feel they are responsible for their pets and should feed them the best they can. $68 dollars is really not very much. If a person bought the large cans of Wellness, you are looking at about $1.70 per day or only $34 a month. Geesh, isn't a cat's health worth it?

If a person doesn't have the money for quality canned, I understand, that is why I make my own home made raw for about .50 for 5.5 oz can. which translates into $3.5 per week, 14 bucks a month. And a properly prepared raw diet is like us eating our fresh fruits and veggies. It is much better for them. If I didn't make raw, it would cost me almost 100 bucks a week to feed four cats (I do buy NV Instinct which is more expensive then Wellness and mix 50% raw, 50% canned).

However, I do not feel raw is feasible in a shelter setting .
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