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driver8, I find these forums very closed-minded often. Like we are all rich people able to give our pets the best. I personally don't own a pet that I can't afford to give the best to, but on the other hand I understand that there are kitties and dogs (and other animals) dying in shelters everyday because there aren't enough people that want to or can afford to care for these animals. I believe if we asked the kitties they would prefer a less than ideal diet over euthanasia, but hey what do I know?

Once I am working back in province I would like to regularly donate canned kitty food to either a shelter or rescue since there are so many kitties in need. From what I understand any canned food is better than dry food. I can either buy a small amount of premium food or a larger amount of "acceptable" food. I believe I can help more kitties by choosing "acceptable" foods...?

How about these foods. This is from Tracie Hotchner from Cat Chat on Martha Stewart Radio (satellite radio). I listen to her show all the time, and she strongly advocates kitty nutrition, and all canned diets. I would copy and paste, but it is in PDF, and I don't seem to be able to do so.

Cat Chat Approved Foods

Cat Chat Supermarket Brands

Originally Posted by Tracie Hotchner
There are an impressive number of websites devoted to educating people about good nutritional health and practices for their cats. They are full of product suggestions and other specific advice for managing cats who are well and those who aren't. Dr Lisa Pierson is a vet renowned for her championing of feline nutrition with her website Another excellent site is These two and other sites can be accessed through, a new not-for-profit group dedicated to educating cat caregivers and providing them with assistance.
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