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I just want to comment... Driver8 we are in a similar neck of the woods so I want to say that foods like evo, and wellness are very easily accessable here. If you do the math, and buy large cans of wellness you will see that feeding your pets works out to less than I spend on coffee, I suppose it boils down to priorities. I have 3 cats and usually anywhere from 1 to 8 fosters at a time, I feed canned food, and some raw, I can easily cut out one restaurant meal, or take out meal, or another luxery in order to cover the differencve in food price. Sure feeding grocery store kibble may seem cheaper, but in the end it really isn't.

If someone doesn't know anything about feeding their animals and buys iams, they are not a bad pet mommy. They are someone that obviously doesn't have the same priorities as others and reaserch everything before they do it to their pets. When people know better, and choose cheap store brand kibble because it is cheap, they still are not a bad person, but again don't have the same priorities. My animals are everything to me, and I cannot justify trying to save $20 a month on food for my pets, but go and buy myself a fast food meal or some other extravegence. But that's me.

Also iams is expensive, you can buy better foods for the same price. If you look at the ingredients on the $30 bag of iams and compare to the $8 store brand they are the same.

Also imo, I would rather someone feed their cats friskies canned, then expensive grain free dry... So many issues in cats come from kibble.

Also want to add that your human doctor also doesn't know that much about nutrition, they know what healthy food are ect like we all do, but ask them what brand of ice cram is better, ect, they will refer you to a dietician, someone that is educated in nutrition, because for some reason in our continent drs are all about fixing a problem once it is there and are educated very little in what foods can prevent illness in the first place, but some research or a dietician can help you to learn.

If a parent feeds their child junk and they get health issues are they a bad parent? If they honestly didn't know better? Its the same thing. If someone can only afford $3 for a week of pet food, can they afford everything else a pet will need? If they choose to buy cheap food but really could do some $$ saving and be able to afford something a bit better, I'm not sure their priorities are in the right place but that is imo.

Shelters and what they feed really have no place in this conversation as they do what they can, and it isn't for the life of an animal.

And iams is wayy over priced for what you get. Vet foods aren't any better. Learn to read a pet food label driver8, and go from there, its amazing what you can learn from some of the amazing miracle workers on here if you choose to opem up and listen instead of being so defensive and refusing to put your guard down, just try it.

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