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Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post
Loki Love - he has been constipated before?...Did he need Vet intervention before?.....I don't quite understand how his Vet can't come up with a definite answer. From what I understand the symptoms would be different.
Back in the spring we went through something similiar, but nowhere near to this extent. Mr Miyagi was throwing up periodically and finally it got to the point where I took him in because it was nearly constant one day. They checked for blockage, ran bloodwork, couldn't find anything except he had a lot of stool. They didn't stay he was constipated, but they had me giving him vaseline (1 tbsp) every day for a couple of weeks I believe. We also treated him for worms, gastro and gave him some meds for acid reflux (to soothe the irritation). At the same time, they said it could be IBD and suggested a change in food, a limited protein. We did just that, NB LID Duck and Green Pea because the source of dry food, as well as canned (along with beef, venison, rabbit, lamb (all Nature's Variety and EVO) canned as well for some variety). We basically avoided chicken because we assumed this was what was causing problems.

Fast forward to about a month or so ago - vomitting started again. Just with the dry food though (or so it seemed). We changed the food to EVO Herring and Salmon formula and problems ceased - we didn't take him to the vet the last time as once we changed the dry food everything seemed ok, until now.

So based on the April experience - I think this is where the vet is trying to diagnose the IBD?
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