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Originally Posted by Loki Love View Post
The vet did mention the possibility of Megacolon too yesterday. Can you buy Lactulose at any pharmacy or does it require a prescription?

NO prescription needed to buy's inexpensive too, about $20 for a 1 litre bottle, which lasts yonkers.

Thanks for sharing your advice. We just got back from visiting Mr Miyagi at the clinic. He's definitely more energetic and all about being loved on.. I'm just sad he has another night to stay there.
If Mr Miyagi does have Megacolon he might have to start using Cisipride....I would rather not have to use drugs and have tried other methods, this seems to work the best for him.....He used to be obese (not so much now) and that didn't help him.....I also add 1/4 teaspoon or less of Psyllium husk with his canned food, if I notice that he is getting a bit constipated then I stop.

I can always tell by the way Herbie walks or goes up stairs if he is getting constipated.......I've had a lot of experience with him
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