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I know this is an old thread but I just logged on and clicked "who's online" and noticed someone was reading this thread so clicked on it as it was one that I totally missed before.

Originally Posted by driver8 View Post

How do pet owners tell the difference between that alternative pushed at me and the ones suggested here. That day I felt like I must be a rotten mommy. But you tell me that if I had followed what the doctor said, I'd be doing just as bad for my pet. It's a huge conundrum, and some understanding of that is important. You want people to believe what you say, your education. But why should they when it comes at them from so many directions.

I choose to go to vets that are tolerant and accepting of my choices. Period. I choose to accept advice from people who don't make me feel like a bad person for what I've done for years.

I have a science and medical background too and I have a hard time with understanding some of the claims on various websites people have posted on here....
You asked why should you believe the people here who have replied to your thread. Well, it's because the people here have taken the time to do their research.

And, if you did check out the website that has been given to you, then you should have noticed that it is written by a veterinarian.

Also, here is another website that explains how to read cat food labels ....

Please check out all the other links on it as well as there is lots more valuable information available there.
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