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Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post
Herbie has suffered from constipation issues for 5 - 6 years now, eventually resulting in Megacolon.......I mix his food to a soup consistency, normally he doesn't eat all in one sitting but does lap up the fluid, when he returns to continue eating I mix more water with it......He also gets 3ml of Lactulose twice a day. I DO NOT mix it with his food but give it with a syringe.

Due to his Megacolon he also takes 5ml Cisipride twice a day.

Less than a year ago I changed Vet's...this Vet has an instrument akin to forceps used in child birthing....As the stool works it's way down through the colon, when it reaches a point where he can remove it with the forceps, he does, speeding the process along.

Note: I added more water to his food the beginning if it was too soupy he would eat a little and walk away.
The vet did mention the possibility of Megacolon too yesterday. Can you buy Lactulose at any pharmacy or does it require a prescription?

Thanks for sharing your advice. We just got back from visiting Mr Miyagi at the clinic. He's definitely more energetic and all about being loved on.. I'm just sad he has another night to stay there.
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