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Ditto what Sandi says. There seems to be quite a bit of controversy about puppy foods, but certainly many knowlegable people think they're unecessary. I personally believe it's a marketing ploy to get people loyal to a particular brand for life. They've only been around for the last ten years or so anyhow. The only time I raised a young Rottie on large breed puppy food, the pup had pano for a few months...
Canidae is excellent, but there's many good brands. If you feed canned + kibble, the canned should not be more than 25% of the diet.
Here's an excellent website of dog nutrition, this lady put a ton of work into it:

PS - your dog likely isn't a large breed anyhow! I'm not sure if there's a standard for "large breeds" but I'm guessing it's dogs who mature at 80-90lbs+. It's unlikely your pup will get that big.
Can you post a picture of her? We love cute dog pictures?
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