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The yellow iris is really showing itself off, so had to include today's photo of it. The second one is a colour the camera is now determined it can't take, it's so frustrating when it blurs slightly. I'll keep trying for a better shot. The third plant is just a little favorite of mine, Mathiola, or Evening Scented Stocks.

Melinda, what rose is going to flower, do you know its name? All mine are budding but we are on the verge of a locust plague and I have no idea whether they are going to want to eat rosebushes or just grass.

LP. that, I think, is an opium poppy. People here still grow them as garden flowers because they are so beautiful, especially the doubles, but I tried them one year, found they suffocated my young roses and tried to get rid of them. There are just a couple up and I'll cull them before they send seed everywhere. I'll show you photo's of my doubles.

Patti, I'd go crazy if I couldn't have a garden for 6 months. Do people grow indoor plants during the cold months? I hope I can find something nice for you all during your Winter.
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