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Originally Posted by Gordon325 View Post
I think i forgot to mention we live in an apartment that is why we are unable to let him out into a yard more often, do you think a Training pad on our back patio would be a good idea and get a small dog door so he can go out there if he is in dire need of a potty break?
If you decide to use the umbilical cord method you might want to put a sod bed on your patio. That way you can rush Jax outside and he can go on the grass, just as he would when he's on a walk. I've seen them at Bosley's Pet Food & Supplies. But I suppose if you're the handy type, you could make one for yourself.

Otherwise, welcome to the wonderful world of Jack Russell Terriers They are wonderfully intellegent dogs, and stuborn (according to my MIL, who used to raise then in New Zealand). Good luck, it sounds like Jax will keep you hopping for a few years yet!
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