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Teri I hope you find some seeds too. My hubby usually has about 50 pots out and about in the yard full of geraniums every year. No that is not a typo. Each pot will hold two or three geraniums. That spells $$$$ every year on the damn flowers. This year we said no more! So after 14+ told me about growing our own we bought some seeds, but boy were they expensive too $5.00 for like 6 - 10 seeds depending on the pack. We did find a couple packs that were less. We had no problem growing them. We also bought about 10 large geraniums (at $8.00 each ) to grow for seeds for this year. So now we have collected some seeds (since I finally knows those spikes are the seed pods...). Hubby has had some trays made up to fit our bay windows so we can put the little seed pots in the house come December rather than paying to heat the greenhouse all winter. I'm hoping we can get a good crop of geraniums for the yard next summer. Thanks again 14+.
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